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A project to invigorate Japan. This is Rally Nippon!

Japan has many historically significant structures and nature is in abundance.

After a long time,these buildings and nature where this country’s beauty has been preserved, has been recorded as part of the World Heritage, and is known the world over even in the present time.

With last year’s April, the National Federation of Unesco Associations in Japan (NFUAJ) initiated the “Future Heritage Project” as a move to hand to our children a hundred years from now a regional culture that has been richly cultivated under a long history and tradition and nature’s legacy. As an official partner, Rally Nippon supports “Future Heritage Project” this year as well.

Areas recognized by the“World Heritage” and “Future Heritage Project” are regions that must be protected and considered as treasures. These are the supreme masterpieces of a civilization given birth by man. Just like the classic cars which are also works of art.

Through this, the vigor of those times, the knowledge of the people involved in preservation and development will shine on. Don’t you think so?

“Person to person, region to region, heart to heart.”

By riding classic cars we discover Japan once more. They are the fruit of man’s knowledge (the legacy of technology), acting as the go-between to the noise of exhaust, resonating with the past. Our wonderful, beautiful Japan continues to be handed down more lastingly to the rest of the world.

This is Rally Nippon’s mission. We believe that the best gift of all is your participation.